20th Anniversary Tour


Wednesday, July 10


Gates at 7:00 PM
Showtime: 8:00 PM



No modern-rock band combines aggression, melodicism and towering hooks more authoritatively than the current Candlebox lineup. They’re in peak form throughout Love Stories & Other Musings, from the unbridled dirty blues (as Klett refers to it) “Lifelike Song” to the cascading “Baby Love” and the throbbing, anthemic “Believe in It,” the first single.


“Believe in It” had its genesis in Klett’s Seattle home studio, as his mind wandered back to his formative years. “I was playing guitar one day and thinking about Black Sabbath when I came up with this riff with a heavy, Sabbath-y feel,” he recalls. “So I sent it down to Kevin in L.A. He really liked it and started building a song around it.” But from there, the partners’ creative process took a circuitous path, yielding unexpected results.


“I’m the only one hearing this,” Martin admits with a laugh,” but when Pete grabbed that riff, I fell in love with the Jackson 5 element of it. I immediately started thinking of Michael Jackson as a young boy, and that in turn led me to think of my son Jasper. What kind of life is he going to grow into? Is he going to learn from his father? The song is not about Michael Jackson at all, obviously, but it keyed this thought about Jasper, and the things that were never told to me as a teenager by my father, who was a traveling salesman so he was never home. That’s really the story behind the song: I’m singing to my son, ‘If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. Your dad is a perfect example of someone who, against the odds, has continued to make music 20-plus years, has had great success and great failure, and learned from each of them. That’s the beauty of life.’ I wanted to share that with my son.”